Alcohol, Drug & Development

Particularly, FRIENDS is implementing ADD program in 15 GN divisions of Puttalam, Mundal, Kalpitiya divisional secretariat at Puttalam district to reduce the harm from alcohol and other substance use developed and implemented. After the May in 2016, we were conducted number of initiatives to prevent alcohol and other substance. The role of communities in minimizing the harm related to alcohol and drugs abuse is inevitable. The capacities of the members of Village Action Teams in three DS divisions were built continuously in order to enable and ensure the effective interventions. The recognition of the programme and Village Action Team is being increasing gradually. Meanwhile, as the result, the community members are actively supporting the work and contesting to become a member in the group. The support of men and users for the programme is increasing gradually.

Children and youth are the most important group of society need to educate on alcohol and other drugs to minimize the usage. Especially they are the target group of alcohol and drug industries.  It is necessary to motivate children and youth to contribute to reduce demand and supply of alcohol and drugs among the same age groups. So,

Project has conducted 25 trainings and ART competitions in school level and 1038 participated for them. As a result of such interventions on ADD children and youth have change their attitude towards alcohol and drugs usage.

Poster and banner with photos and different statements help to reduce the attractiveness of drug use. 25 such events conducted within the year in three project locations. Following are some of the results observed in communities.

cross cutting-thumb“Each drop of alcohol and puff of tobacco put women in deep agony”

Smoking and alcohol consumption leads to various socio economic and health problems. It has direct link to poverty specially in rural settings. Because Sri Lankan culture is male dominant; women and children are the most vulnerable group affect by this problem.

- 30% of earnings of rural poor user families are spending on tobacco and alcohol - Alcohol and Drug Information Centre
- Annual deaths due to tobacco and alcohol related illness is about 40 000 - National Authority on Alcohol and Tobacco
- 20% of hospital beds occupied by patents suffering from tobacco and alcohol - Minister of health

Above situation affects the life of women in different ways

- Less family income
- Women headed families
- Economically inactive husbands
- Divorcee or separate

- Gender base violence
- Responsibility of sick husbands
- Vulnerable for social challenges
- Pressure on women to income generation

Hence, FRIENDS forcuses on tobacco, alcohol, drug and development in gender perspective, conducting prevention programmes at community, family and individual levels to minimize the usage and the harm.

In achieving the targets FRIENDS is working towards developing networks and capacitating resource persons and change agents for effective change at community level.

Current Alcohol and Tobacco Users (Male) in Sri Lanka-2013

Age category

% of users




15-24 age group



25-39 age group



Above 40 age group




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In last decade, production of beer and hard liquor has rapidly increased in Sri Lanka. Particularly beer production has increased by 148% from 2004 to 2013. Production of hard liquor has gone up 28% since year 2004