Ongoing Projects

Currently, FRIENDS is implementing four major programmes based on community development of economically and socially. Four programmes are:

    1. GEE 7.1- Gender Equity and Empowerment programme
    2. ADD 3.4 – Alcohol, Drug and Development
    3. CR 5.2 – Child Rights
    4. GE 7.2 – Gender Empowerment
    5. Palmera “Village to the Market” Programme

GEE 7.1- Gender Equity and Empowerment programme

FRIENDS is implementing a Gender Equity & Empowerment programmeme based on livelihood development since economic independence which paved way for the foundation for women empowerment. The project is implemented in 8 divisional secretariat divisions of seven districts of the country. Objective of the project is empower women economically and enhance the gender equity.

ADD 3.4, CR 5.2 and GE 7.2 programmes in Puttalam

These three programmes are implemented in Grama Niladhari divisions belongs to three divisional secretarial divisions namely Puttalam, Kalpitiya and Mundal of Puttalam district in Sri Lanka.

ADD 3.4 - Alcohol, Drug and Development

Under the ADD 3.4 programme, FRIENDS is implementing community based interventions to reduce the harm from alcohol and other substance use developed and implemented. The major stake holders and target groups are youth and children. Secondary stakeholders include adult males and females user civil society organizations, government authorities responsible for alcohol and drug policies and regulations.

CR 5.2 - Child Rights

Under the CR 5.2 programme, Child rights are enshrined in national legislation and implemented by FRIENDS. FRIENDS is working directly with children as the primary stakeholder and with local voluntary groups , parents, Human Rights Commission , Child Probation office Child protection Authority, DCDC and DCMC as the secondary stakeholders for the district based programme.

GE 7.2- Gender Empowerment

Women and young girls from poor families have independent control of and substantial benefit from economic and social resources. The major target groups are economically inactive women and girls. The secondary stake holders include adult males and female, youth males and females civil society organizations.

Palmera “Village to the Market” Project

The “Village to the Market” project based on Agriculture is implementing by FRIENDS since June in 2016. Main Focus of the project is marketing improvement and developing linkage with main market among the village farmers in of Weherayaya 3 piyawara Grama Niladhari division of Wellawaya Divisional secretariat division at Monaragala District. Particularly, FRIENDS is supporting for Maze, Peanut cultivation, Dairy farming and developed savings.

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