Livelihood Information

Information plays a vital role in poverty alleviation, community development and empowerment. FRIENDS by implementing economic empowerment programme for few years has experienced that it lacks sources of livelihood related information and this has been one of the major obstacle in developing small scale livelihoods. To facilitate the need we are taking an initiative in maintaining and updating such information base through our web site.

FRIENDS set off this information base to facilitate the needs of people who are willing to initiate small scale livelihoods, who are involved in such activities by now and other actors who are promoting livelihoods for vulnerable communities.

We hope this information base facilitate the expectations of your livelihood development needs

Before starting a livelihood people may ask several questions themselves

What are the possible livelihoods for me to start?

What are the skills needed?

From where can I get the skills and technology?

What are the basic tools and machineries needs?

From where can I buy the tools and machineries?

What are the basic raw materials?

Who are the raw material suppliers?

What is the basic investment?