Livelihood Facilitation Centers

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Skill development and initial support for starting a livelihood is not enough for marginalized rural people to be successful in their effort. They need further assistance and guidance. Livelihood Facilitation Centre (LFC) is a place where women can receive support to continue their livelihoods.

 - Updating technical knowledge
 - Supply of raw materials at reasonable prices
 - Provision of market information
 - Facilitate for business registrations – Ensuring legal status of women’s businesses
 - Coordination of services
 - Organizing trade events and
 - Developing marketing linkages are the main services provide by LFCs.

The LFCs are established by FRIENDS in project locations mobilizing self-employed women. These centres are graduated to independent social enterprises earning an income to meet the expenditure while rendering services expected by the community. A capacitated community resources team is available under each LFC to conduct technical trainings for non-traditional livelihoods. FRIENDS facilitates, guides and monitors the activities of LFCs to provide effective and efficient services to the communities.

LFC Addresses

Women in Self Employment (WISE- Kopay)
    Vallai Road

“ Swarnaliyo” - Self Employed Women Forum
    231/A/3, School junction

“Samadhi” - Self Employed Women Forum
    Temple Junction, Dambulla Road

“Liyadiriya” - Self Employed Women Forum

“Didula Sharama Shakthi”- Self Employed Women Forum
    Anamaduwa Road, Poththukkulama

“Rideemaliya”- Self Employed Women Forum
    Adaulpatha junction

“WISE – Sandilippay”- Self Employed Women Forum
    Serani Junction

Ranliya - Self Employed Women Forum